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The main Shaolin Temples of Wu Shu, Kung Fu in China were in the North in the Honnan province and in the South in the Fukein province. Both temples cradled Wu Shu – Kung Fu and Chi Gong teachings.  Monks did Kung Fu to stay healthy and defend themselves.  Siu Lum temples were unsurpassed for there strength, power and fighting techniques.

There were Five main popular styles of Wu Shu – Kung Fu in the South:     Hung gar,  Lau gar,  Mok gar,  Choy lee fut and Lee gar.  Hung Gar Kung Fu was the most popular and powerful in its day.  The Art used ¾ hands and ¼ feet system.  Hung worked as a guard for business and shop keepers in his twenties and was also  a patriate to his country, fighting against Invaders and supported the oppressed and disadvantaged.

Hung Gar was so powerful that One Emperor of china had his Imperial army instructed in the art and the result showed that there were much less casualties in battles compared to other platoons that did not do the Hung training.  .  This Academy retains the Hung Gar’s Traditional Shaolin training regime, time motified to suite our busy work and family life. Compressed this art to fit into an hour a day training regime, to suite our active life style yet still retaining its traditional benefits for all student of this art.

The Family Tree of The Hung Gar Style Masters Linage is as follows:



For more detailed information on The Past Masters and current Sifu of this academy’s knowledge and experiences, are in detailed in the members section of this website.

Email:  For more info please call Ph: 02 96315024  /  0418664923




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