Question: Do I need daily exercise, relaxation and faith?
Answer: Your body needs nourishment and movement to rejuvenate. Your mind needs stimulations, positive input and times of peace. Your spirit needs faith, hope and fulfillment. Hung Gar and Chi Gong can help you achieve all of this and be on the way to a calmer, healthier and happier you.
Question: What are the goals of this academy?
Answer: Our goals are to teach the ancient art of Hung Gar and Chi Gong, assist with calming the mind, develop your inner powers, improve your co-oridination and self-control, build courage and a positive self-images, improve your self defense abilities and increase your general health.
Question: What is the Hung Gar style used for?
Answer: It is used for physical exercises (physical strength) which tone up and energise the whole body, with advanced self-defense techniques. It is based on 5 animals and 5 elements, which when used correctly can generate massive power and have therapeutic effects on the body.
Question: What is the Chi Gong style used for?
Answer: It is used for meditation, relaxation (breathing) and energy/inner strength rejuvenation. It is for people of all ages, regardless of their current level of activity. Chi Gong is still used in some Chinese hospitals to rehabilitate and heal sick patients. It is believed it can reduce the risks of stroke, illnesses and improves longevity https://canadian-pharmacy24-7.com/buy-lexapro-online
What other things do you suggest are good for relaxation?
Answer:You can involve yourself with other activities including meditation and breathing exercises, as well as activities like walking or Bonsai Tree Growing.

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