Chi Gong Style

Chi Gong Style:  Email:  For more info please call Ph: 02 96315024  /  0418664923

image004                                                                                                                                                        (Chi: Life Force/Energy and Gong: the way to harness and energy)                                                                                                                                                               There are many Chi Gong styles.  This Academys focuses on a particular Chi gong art that was derived from  Hung Gar, Tsi Nun style, Tai chi; Yin & Yan styles and Ba Gua style, all put together into an easy to do system.  Experience has shown that this Academy’s art of Chi Gong, activates the chi very rapidly within a short period of time, easy to learn and exciting to do. These movements when repeated daily will start to reveal the greater depth of your energy flow.

Initially the new students learn:

1.  The power of the Art’s Salute & connection to oneself and ones world

2. Standing and siting Postures, Breathing Meditation and Focus

2. Recitle of Positive thinking verses

3. Slow flowing movement to stretch and open the Chi energy channels in the body

4.  Forms to gather, harness and channel the chi to and through the Dan Tein and any part of the body

5. Connect to the universal energy and power of the universe and God.

The Ten Stances of Chi Gong system

The follow Ten static Chi Gong Stances help to develop Mental power, Focus and Stability, as one holds each stance for extended periods of time.  The Ten Stances will also strengthen the body at the same time, so to keep it healthy.

Examples:  Each stance needs to be said out loud from 10 >100 times per stance.

1. Calm & Centre the Mind stance:
2. Hold the Scales of Justice stance:
3. Push the Mountain stance:
4. Hold the Sky stance:
5. Hold the Earth stance:
6. Draw energy from the universe stance:
7. Hold the Tiger’s claws stance
8. Reach for one’s highest goal stance:
9. Draw from the bubbling well stance:
10. Anchoring & Stabilize stance:

More discription will be given to each student once they are members, to help them in there revision at home.  The information is needed to help with the grading in each Certificate Level and sash Grade.


For more Info.  Please call on: 02 96315024 / 0418664923 


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