Principles of Life and the Phylosophy of life we follow

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We need to realise that we are not here in life to mostly play or pass our time frivolously or feed our inflated passions.  There is always time for that.  Most of our time needs to be devoted to the improvement of Ourselves from within.  This is a great challenge and one that needs one to dedicate a lot of times to, because within that realm, True and lasting: Peace, Joy and Excitement exist.  Life has a galore of Entertainments and Vocation from one’s: all levels of Education, Jobs, Businesses to marriage and having children.  Yet none can be really personally fulfilling than ones Inner Mental and Physical Health, Personal growth to be oneself and Enlightenment of the true purpose of Joy & life.

This Academy is for people that have come to realise that they need an Institution like our Academy to help them to nurture and mature through this life’s personal journey No one can do it for you except you, through your awareness of the value of commitment and where you need to poor your valuable time into.  This process and selections will bring you to a better value of your life and help you to begin to enjoy what ever you put your life’s energy into.  Therefore, the true value of any cost whether be it in: Time, Effort or Monitory, lies within the reality of the value that is perceived, through the quality of any interactions, rewards, excitements & Joy, being derived from any commitment one engages in, in ones life time

In Summary:  One needs to step back at times and to observe the quality of enjoyment one is receiving and committing to, to arrive at a better utilisation of ones time and true efforts that will help oneself to shed off illusions, crippling fears, abuse and power struggles, that only serve to make you act out and angry, being enslaved to habits and negative attitudes that don’t do you justice nor give you any lasting fulfilment, but make you always feeling hungry, empty and a prisoner of your own world within.

Come to us in this Academy, to fill up with the super foods and energy that no one can take away or starve you off, from the inner joy and growth, we all seek in our life time and that is not long at all.  Mortality is very evident if you have lost someone you cared for or loved.  Just look at the Media and see the many unexpected deaths at hand.

This Academy respects and values all students, no matter of: Colour, Race, Religion, Education, Arrogance and Ignorance’s.   There are real truths that lies behind our training processes in this Academy from: Sifu and the Instructors at hand, that will help you to see it through in your training levels and the Philosophy that is based on Equality, Individuality, Value for life and Christs teachings of good standard of behaviour, God’s personal love and support for each of us at hand in faith, Not as practiced by most Christian churches or other Religions in this world, that don’t leave much to be desired.

The following is a list of the Academy’s Ten Life Principles for Self Reflection in ones Life:

  1. Self – To be One’s Reality, Honestly & with God
  2. Love – To have Inner Union and It’s Reflections
  3. Peace – To Feel Secure and Joy, Void of Inner Fears
  4. Mindfulness – To live in the Now, in ones Mind
  5. Faith – To live one’s Beliefs with total Conviction
  6. Goals – To strive for one’s Dreams and Ideals in life
  7. Energy – The Power within and it’s Activity
  8. Health – To be Well and Enjoy each days existence
  9. Happiness – The Generated feelings and Excitement
  10. Empowerment – To Having Power & Authority

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