Monthly Inspirations & Notes for Students

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Monthly words of wisdom

January 2014:   This is a New year for you to do better.  You are older, smarter, more experienced and have more skills and abilities.  Use this in your Job or business.  Welcome Dreams and changes or uncertainty to excel and have more of what you need and want.  “Be You!”

February:  Before one can help oneself or others, One first needs to be:  Quite –  Listen – Understand. Therefore, one does not focus on one Happiness , but travels its path and enjoys the way.

March: One does not arrive at Happiness, unless one travels its path of: Peace, Security, Praise and God within.  Happiness at times can be just fleeting moments of the day, to long lasting relationships and bonding.  Enjoyed each day and be the good you want too.

April: Each of us can help bring peace to ones self, Family, environment and world, by having good, positive intentions in our thinking for ourselves and others.   Its that simple.

May: To fulfil ones Happiness, one needs to look deep within to clear misconceptions, ignorances and build the right requirements.  Our external environment will always give us less than what we put in, plus locks one to its demanding maintenance and only suffices to a shallow level.  Our Kung Fu Academy helps to guide each student towards the required developments.  Thats a unique task and a priceless gift.







This Academy will be closed from Sunday 22/12/2013 to Sunday 19/01/2014..

Our Kung Fu Christmas party will be held on Sunday the 22/12/2013, at Central Gardens in Merrylands for Lunch.  Bring your Family & Parents so we can have the pleasure of meeting them. Please bring with you your own food and drink. There is a BBQ place to cook your food if you wish   

Also if you are coming, we will have a Christkindl, so bring with you a present to the value of $2.00, for each person coming to the party, so we can give each other a surprise Christmas present and share some happy times together.  Your family has also the opportunity, like yourself, to ask any questions or just enjoy the Happy atmosphere we create for each other.  

Entry to the park, is on Merrylands road, before you get to Cumberland HWY from Merrylands.      If its raining, we will have the party in our training hall in Greystanes.   

 If you cannot come,  May your Break be Relaxing, Fruitful and Prosperous, as you reflect on the Positive things and wishes for yourself and others in the New Year in 2014, since we are all connected in some way or form.  So Merry Christmas & Happy New year, may Christ’s teachings and Gods blessings be with you too in faith in this Christian festive season, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

“Life is meant for Happy living and time is so we may find ourselves and the Beauty, Love and Power of God, for each of us, in our life.  Once we experience that – Life becomes Good, no matter what happens in our surroundings.”


Best wishes and God bless –  Sifu Joseph Awad

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