Student Code of Conduct

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Moral Code of Conduct

All Students are required to observe the following codes:

  1. Make Time to know Yourself, God within you and Around – Through Self Reflection in: Prayer, Meditation and Action
  2. Love and Believe in Yourself and the Good that is in you
  3. Be Honest and Fair with Yourself and Others in your life
  4. Be Patient, Honest and of Good Moral Character
  5. Family are your roots: Love and Support them when possible
  6. Respect your Sifu, for the Teachings and the sincere Guide
  7. Use This Art to Grow, Defend Yourself and Help Others
  8. We are a Family in this Art of Kung Fu, please act that way
  9. Meditate Daily on Your Needs for Love, Peace and Power
  10. Master the Arts and pass it on to worthy students

Academy Code of Conduct

Conditions of entry into the training Hall:
The following conditions are designed by Sifu of this Academy to make sure that you train safely, that the Moral standard the character and development of each student is kept at a high standard.

The Mission Statement of this Academy:
To teach the J.Awad Hung Gar and Chi Gong art to interested and select individuals for better Mental, Physical and Spiritual health, through the specialised 12x course training regimes. Personal development and support are the key factors focused on in this training Academy.

The styles Salute is required when Entering and Exiting the hall and before each lesson:
It’s a sign of respect for you as a student and for your Sifu, Instructors, Elder Students and this ancient art of training, handed down as a legacy to Shaolin Kung Fu devotees in this academy.

Proper address to Sifu & Teachers:
Call your instructor by their first name with a simultaneous bow as a sign of respect.

Courteous & Respectful attitude is expected of you as a student in the hall and out in public:
Loyalty is expected towards your Sifu, Instructor and fellow pupils. Be assertive not aggressive in your communication of your needs and concerns. Deal with any issues as they arise. Do not leave today’s concerns for tomorrow to fester and irritate you. Do it now.

Once you become a student of this Academy:
You are expected to be of Good Moral Behaviour and attitude. This will develop your good character and show respect and value of yourself and towards your fellow students and Instructors in the art of kung Fu. No bullying or swearing will be tolerated. This attitude is expected in your daily life too, as you reflect the teachings we teach you as a student of this academy, reflecting your self discipline. Be mindful of this good behaviour at all times.

Academy’s uniform:
Top: white cotton T-shirt with the Academy’s emblem on it. Wear heavier knits for winter.
Pants: Long, black in colour, and Shoes: flexible flat sole. You can buy your own uniform as well

Hygiene, plus fingers and toe nails must be trimmed:
To preventing any scratching or injuries to yourself and others. Please wear clean clothing and wash your hands before coming to training. Toilet facilities are available on the premises.

Do Not wear or bring in any valuables, money or other into the training hall:
This will prevent injury to yourself and others, especially when using training equipment. Keep all your valuables in your bags at all times. This centre takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings you bring in with you.

Payment of fees:
Fees are paid in advance, prior to any lessons or training Styles committed to.

Food consumption before training:
It is recommended to consume at least 1-2 hours before each training session to reduce discomfort. It is most preferred that you eat meats in moderation and more fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of water.

Seek your doctor’s advice before you begin your training with us:
Especially if you have any health conditions that the training may affect your health mentally and physically. Rest is essential if you are too tired or sick to train.

Alcohol, Smoking and Drug use are not permitted on the premises:
Taking them will inhibit your training ability & health. Go high on life and the Peace, Energy and Power you develop from our training. Life is meant for you to be in control of & enjoy.

Training others:
Only as requested by the Instructor for that particular step and that you have passed that Sash grade level. Teaching others will help you learn more of what you know and help you in mastering your sash coloured level in the styles on offer in this academy.

Use of equipment:
Only as instructed by your instructor for your level. Always use them safely and as taught.

Regular attendance and diligent daily practice:
Is required of you to progress and use the skills you have been taught in the Art. You will be required to perform the new tasks in your level many times over in each training session as instructed. It is expected that you practice the newly acquired skills in your home daily and safely so you can be ready to learn more skills and progress into the higher skill levels ahead.

All training must be performed in a progressive way throughout each of the Certificate and Sash levels to prevent injury and bruising. This gradual paced training requirement is aimed at injury prevention and to prevent bruising. Students must attend all the lessons in each course attempted in each Grade and level attempted.

No Sparing, Fighting or practicing too hard is permitted:
Care and safe training practices must be followed at all times. Drills and technique practices must be performed at a safe and controlled manner, at an unreachable distance to others, allowing you to perform the drills required in your level safely. Some arm bruising will occur if you hit too hard on the wooden dummy or with other colleagues of senior level at training.

Who is responsible for your safe and injury prevention:
“You and Us”. You must take care and stop when exercises take you past your ability to cope. To use equipment safely and as shown. Personal insurance and income protection is recommended, in case you injure yourself at home or practising your drills, using the equipment in the hall.

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