Chi Gong Training and Grading Guide

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Chi Gong (Chi: Life Force/Energy and Gong: the way to harness energy)                               There are many Chi Gong styles in existance, especially in China.  This Academy focuses on a particular Chi gong art that was derived from  Hung Gar, Tsi Nun style, Tai chi; Yin & Yang styles and Ba Gua style.  Special exercises were put together into an easy to do system that was intemded for people that do not live in a monastry, but have alot of responsibilities on their lives .

Experience has shown that this Academys art of Chi Gong, activates the chi very rapidly within a short period of time, even from the first lesson and Sifu will help to activate that to Its much easier to learn than the standard traditional long systems on hand and its exciting to do, since you feel invigorated within a short soan of training time.   These special movements when repeated daily will start to reveal the greater depth of energy within and greater flow of power is the result, for healing or protection.


The Training & Grading System of the Chi Gong Style in this Academy           .                                        .                                                                                                                                    .

1.  Standing Meditation:

–  Meditate on the Giant within for:

a.  Energy = Mind/Sky,   Strength = Body/Earth   &   Power = Chi/Air.

b.  Everyday I Expect the Greatest Positive Outcome in Everything for Myself in my Life.


2.  The 3- Positive Affirmation Verses.  Do with each Breath10xs each verse:

a.  I will always have Energy, Strength, Control and Power in myself and in my life

b.  I will always be Calm, Relaxed, Positive and Assertive in Myself and in My life.

c.   I Love & Believe in myself, God’s power is with me in Faith, Hope and Love.


3.   Pat & Rub Firmly the Whole Body:

–    Start at the Head using the palms, then switch to fists working down to the Feet.


4.  Stretch & Release Tension from the Whole Body:

1.  Breathe with the 3 Cycles :  Earth, Sky and Air energies combined in Dan Tein

2.  Head/Neck: Stretch sideways, up, down and in a circle.

3.  Arms: swing sideways propelled by waist.  Control the swinging as the arms float around

4.  Waist: Step and swing arms: Forward & Backward swings with stepping.

5.  Hips: Rotate top of body around in a circle.  Rotate both ways.

6.  Back & Legs: Bend down, brush the ground, bounce back up, and bend backwards

7.  Knees: Rotate in both directions.

8.  Ankle: Rotate with foot on the floor, in both directions


6.  Skill Learning, Drills & Salute Off:

1.   Learn more skills for your level in your Grade.

2.   Do Drills & Forms as required in your Grade level.

3.   Finish off with Positive Kung Fu recitation & Salute.


Stage 1 – White Certificate / Sash Grade                                                                  .          

.                                                                                                                                                                   .

Level 1: 

1.  Meditate on the Three Stages of the Flame:  Light, Heat & Energy. (100xs for each verse)

a.  I Put God’s Light in my Mind, to see clearly in myself & in my life, so to be Calm & Wise.

b.  I Put Warmth in my Heart, for Emotional Stability, because I Love & Believe in myself.

c.  I Put Energy in my Body, for Health, Strength, Power and Achieve Great things in my life.


Level 2-3:

1.   The Ten Positive Affirmation Postures, for Mind/Body Development:           

– Practice each posture and verse 100xs each.  Use ones breath as well.

 1.  Pillar Standing posture  Hands in front of Dan Tien:

I will always be the Giant of a person within me for: Calm, Energy, Power & Success.


2.   Hold the Scales of Justice posture  Arms sideways open to heaven:

I am strong enough to hold the scales of Justice & Fairness for myself & in my Life.


 3.  Push the Mountain posture  – Arms in front:

Everyday I push Negativity away from myself and attract Positive Energy into my life.


4.  Hold the Sky posture – Arms above head:

Nothing is too great for me to manage. I am in control & have the power to make changes.


5.  Stand on top of the World posture  Arms to the sides, facing the earth:

I Free myself from: Fear, Anger & Hatred, in Myself and achieve what I set my mind on.


6.  Gather Energy from the Universe posture  Arms in front in a circular shape:

I draw Energy & Power from the Universe and Blessings from God in my daily prayers.


7.  Hold the Tigers Claws posture  Claws in lower front:

I will always have the Courage to change myself and things in my life, to Grow & Prosper.


8. Reach up to the Stars posture  Arms up high – palms facing:

Everyday, I will reach for the Highest Goals in Myself and Actualize them in my life.


9.  Draw Energy & Wisdom from One’s Inner Self posture  Arms weaved in front

I draw Energy & Wisdom from the Bubbling Well within me and my outside Connections.


10.  Be the Tree of Life – Shining Bright  Feet together / Arms in front Dan Tien:

I stand Anchored and Stead in my Life through my: Beliefs, Values & Will, to be me.


Stage 2 – Brown Certificate – Sash Grade                                                                      .

Level 1- 4:

1.    The Academy’s 18- Fitness & Healing Posture set. 

(Do 18xs per move with D/breathing/stretch)

         –   Exercise 1:  for Neck Area problems

–   Exercise 2:  for Upper Shoulder joints problem,

–   Exercise 3:  for Shoulders & Back problems

–   Exercise 4:  for Numbness in Arms

–   Exercise 5:  for Upper torso Area problems

–   Exercise 6:  for Lungs & Digestion problems

–   Exercise 7:  for Waist & Spinal Column problems

–   Exercise 8:  for Arms & Shoulder problems

–   Exercise 9:  for Weak Energy in the Body

–   Exercise 10: for Abdomen & Back problems

–   Exercise 11: for Buttocks & Legs problems

–   Exercise 12: for Shoulders, Back & Legs problems

–   Exercise 13: for Lumbago & poor Posture problems

–   Exercise 14: for Buttocks & Legs problems

–   Exercise 15: for Legs & Knees problems

–   Exercise 16: for knees & Ankles problems

–   Exercise 17: for problems in the Joints and Lower limbs

–   Exercise 18: for Abdomen & Anxiety related problems.


Level 5-6:

1.   Harmonize with the 3- Sound waves, for Harmony, Healing and Energy:  

      a.  High pitched sound – Clear, focused on the Head/Neck

b.  Medium pitched sound – Heal, focuses on the Chest area

c.   Low pitched sound – Energise, Focused on the lower Abdomen & Torso.


Stage 3 – Green Certificate / Sash Grade                                                                 .

Level 1-3:

1.  Chi Activation exercises through the body(Repeat each part 100xs)

      a.  Activate the Chi in the Dan Tien – Centre:  Use fists then palms to drum it.

b.  Slap the Palms: To activate the Chi and fill with Chi,

  c.  Eat the Fruit of Life for Nourishment:  Reach for the Best & Highest fruit.

d.  Drink the Water of Life:  Draw water from the pure fresh river of life.

e.  Breathe the Fresh Air of Life, to Energize & Rejuvenate:  Palms circling- Empty & Fill.

f.  Clear the windows of the mind to see more clearly:  Circles in front; out- clear / In- See.

      g.  Charge up the Body’s Electrical Current:  Use circling palms, down in motion.

     h.  Wear the Invincible Armor over the body:  Use circling palms, up in motion.

   i.  Live in the Present and leave the Past behind: Sway with arms in a twist from side to side.

     j.  Take Control of Time – Swing the Pendulum of time:  Bend swing sideways with arms.

k.  Draw & Harness the White light Energy from: Sky, Earth & Air, fuse fuse into one form.

      l.   Discharge Force with Explosion: Stamp foot to discharge force through the Fist.

m.  Walk the Infinite Stride: Arms flowing and feet moving in harmony with each step.


Level 4-6.

 1.   Wishing Bowl Stance, Chi Gathering & Channelling technique:

      Learn how to gather Chi in the Standing then Sitting positions.

     –  Initially stand in the Tree Trunk position, Fingers forming a bowl at the Dan Tien level.

 –  Do 10xs per cycle, at 10 sec. interval per movement: In cycle, Hold cycle & Fill cycle

a.  Breathe in a circle: Heat Energy from the Earth into bowl & pour into your Dan Tien,

b.  Breathe in a circle: Cool Energy from the Sky into your bowl & pour into your Dan Tien

   c.  Breathe the Air Energy from Front & Back into the bowl & pour it into Dan Tien,

d.  Draw the Three Energies into the bowl and pour into your Dan Tien, then channel to each  part of the body, gradually with every breath, to every part of the body – Head to Feet.

e.     Draw Chi Energy into Palms at will to Energise, Heat up & form a shield on them.


Stage 4 – Yellow Certificate / Sash Grade:                                                             .

Level 1-2:  

1.  Learn to Meditate on The Three States of Mindfulness. (5x min per stage)

     a.  Be Mindful of your mind of:  Rambling thoughts. Stabilise into positive Stillness & Peace

     b.  Be Mindful of your Body:  Feel every part of your body – Head to Toes, with every touch

c.  Be Mindful of your Present life: Wishes, Relationship, Job, & your Mind’s influences


2.  Activate & Guide the Chi flow in the body with the following breath cycles:

a.  Breathe from the nose into the Dan Tien in 10 sec.

b.  Hold the breath for 10 sec and Absorb the Radiating Energy in the Dan Tien.

c.  Circulate this energy to the feet and up the spine, back into the Dan Tien in 10sec.


Level 3-4:

 1.  Learn the Academy’s Active – moving Chi Gong Form:


a.  Learn 5- Moves in each lesson, until whole form is learnt.

b.  Learn the Breathing & the Chi Channeling technique into each of the moves

c.  Learn to Harness, Focus & Channel the Chi energy into each part of the body focused on


Level 5-6:

1.  Learn Ten Pressure points, for Health, Healing & Disabling points on the body

      a.  Head/Face: 7- points

b.  Neck: 3- points

c.  Shoulders: 3- points

     d.  Collar bone: 1- point

     e.  Chest area:  3- points

 f.  Hand/Arm: 6- points

      g.  Dan Tein: Under Belly button, Pat firmly to activate Chi activation.

h.  Thigh/Hip: 3- points

      i.  Knee:  3- points

j.  Shin:  2- points

        k.  Calf:  2- points,

        l.  Foot/Big Toe:  6- points.


Stage 5 – Blue Certificate – Sash Grade:                                                                             .

Level 1-2:

  1.  Learn the Move & Sound for the Six Body Organs, for Health & Healing:

     1.  Head:   Tongue on hard pallet of mouth

– Palms above head fingers touching: S= Eee

    2.  Lungs:   Tongue in the air behind teeth

– Beak to the sides/palms up:  S= Sss

   3.  Heart:   Tongue on upper front gum

– Palms above head locked:  S= Haww.


   4.  Liver:   Tongue in the centre of upper mouth

– Palms above head, look up:  S= Shhh.


   5.  Kidneys:   Tongue far back on upper mouth

– Palms on knees, push stomach in:  S= Wooo

   6.  Spleen/Stomach:   Tongue on the middle of the lower gum

– Fingers in stomach: S= whoo


Level 3-4:

1.  Deep Structural meditation:

*   Use the 10xs .30 sec Chi Breath: In- 10 sec. Hold- 10 sec. out- 20 sec. channel to claws.


  1.  Earth – Fire / Heat energy / Ground charge Cycle – Palms to Earth:

Breathe into Dan Tein, Focus on Palms, sway palms very slowly as breathing out


2.  Sky – Water / Cool energy / Positive charge Cycle – Palms to Sky:

          Breathe into Dan Tein, Focus on palms, raise & lower palms very slowly as breathing out


3.  Air – Controlling Neutral Energy – to Channel & Discharge Cycles – Palms on Air:

          Breathe into Dan Tein, one palm up & one palm down, move forward & back with breath.


Level 5-6:

1.  Sense Energy Fields & Connect – (walk towards and away from objects)

   .   Develop your Energy field and be sensitive to all energy fields around you.

2.  Sense from the Front: walk Forward,  2.  Sense from the Back: walk Backward

3.  Sense & Identify direction of energy force approaching you: Stand still and sense

4.  Sense projectiles thrown at you: Move away or Deflect them: Sense the direction

5.  Learn to Generate & Channel Chi Power.  (Palms compressing energy x3)

6.  Learn to Project Chi energy to your Palms / Fingers:  Straw, Paper & Flame.

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