Conditions of Entry and Risk Management Policy that needs to be followed

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In this Academy, we teach Traditional Kung Fu of the Hung Gar Style and Chi Gong Mind/Body Art systems. The Hung Gar system has Stretching of the limbs, Isometric and Isotonic exercises, Martial Arts applications, Drills that require equipment training: including pads, wooden dummy work, weights and some weapons further on to learn. These exercises will put strain and pressure on your Body. In the Chi Gong System, Prolonged standing & Repetition of movements are required as part of the training Regime

To help prevent any injuries from occurring during each training session in this Academy, safety standards and practices are put in place and require all students to follow such guideline as stated and as instructed by Instructors and Sifu. Common sense must prevails about your safety in any situation at hand.

  1. Entry conditions and code of conduct of this academy must be adhered to at all times. This policy is given when joining and is posted in the hall.
  2. All care will be taken to make sure the hall is safe for you to train in.
  3. In case of any injury, please report it immediately to the instructor and if medical attention is required, an appointed member will ferry you there or an ambulance will be called.
  4. In case of fire, please exit from the front garage door or go to the back of the hall and wait in the grass area for instruction and support.
  5. If equipment is found to be faulty, please do not use it, report it to the instructor immediately
  6. If you are threatened or feel unsafe, Report it to your instructor immediately
  7. Hydration & Water: Water is provided and essential, especially when you feel hot or thirsty. Grab a drink when you can between training drills and as required.
  8. A First Aid kit is located on the alter table. Use it as required or call your instructor.
  9. Training Safely: Each exercise and drill you are shown, must be done according to the instruction provided. If its difficult for you to do and you feel at risk of injury, stop and seek help from your instructor. Each exercise should be manageable at your level.
  10. Practice progressively: each exercise in each level should be done slowly and to gradually increase the tempo as you learn it and feel more able to put speed into it, especially when using any equipment or doing arm drills with other students.
  11. Be mindful of the concrete floor: Please do not kick high above your head or Run or Jump, so not to loose your balance and footing and fall and injure yourself.
  12. Always keep a safe distance, when doing punch and kick drills with a colleague.

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