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Members of this Academy are given access to a variety of documents depending upon the Level and Sash grade one is up to and decides to undertake.  Grading is vuluntary, so no pressure is used.  It is invisaged that every student will do the grading when its due, so they can progress through the grading system and be able to be better managed by the Instructors of this Academy.

Grading is done every Month to check on every individuals progress and need for improvement in the Art chosen.   Every student will be given access to the Grading system so they can read what they need to acheive in each Level and Grade in the chosen art.  One can also  print out a copy if required.

Grading is Free.  Certificate and Sash awards are only awarded if one acheives the required skills for that Level.  Enjoy, Best wishes and Happy training time in the Hall and at Home.

please see Sifu Joseph to have the access login details

All Students to Log In Here. Please

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